Wholesale Shampoo Bar

Best for dry or damaged hair. This shampoo bar will work miracles! Made with hair loving ingredients such as Vitamin B5, coconut oil, and oat protein. 




Great for your hair: Formulated with some of the best and most gentle ingredients available on the market. Take a salon-quality shampoo with all of the very best ingredients, take away the water and the bottle, and what you’re left with is an amazing, Solid Shampoo Bar!


Economical: They’re so concentrated, one single bar can replace 3-4 bottles of liquid shampoo, so they save you a TON of money!


Environmentally Responsible: One bar keeps 3-4 plastic bottles from ending up in a land-fill. Or floating in the ocean.


Travel Friendly: Perfect for travel or camping. One little bar is all you need and can be used for shampoo, face and body wash and even shaving…saving a ton of space in your suitcase. One bar will last up to 30 shampoos.

Rub between hands to get a lather going. Rub bar directly onto hair until you reach your desired lather. Be patient, it will take a few swipes to get everything nice and sudsy! Keep dry between uses. 

It is best to keep the shampoo bar in its organza bag. It makes lathering really easy! When your bar starts to get small, it also keeps the pieces together and you can use it until nothing is left!

Comes packaged in a reusable organza bag with a full ingredient list and directions.

Avoid contact with eyes and mouth. 

Wholesale Shampoo Bar

  • Minimum purchase of 4 per scent. 

    Any orders that do not meet the required minimum amounts will be canceled.